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logonewresizeTEZWIC -Transylvania Exotics, ZOO and Wildlife International Congress

June, 13-17 2018, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


10 Reasons why TEZWIC is a cool event


  1. TEZWIC is a voice for the young veterinary community. Being the product of Junior Vet Media Group and Association „Matthew and Friends”, TEZWIC raises awareness about the importance of junior veterinarians having the best access to continuing education.
  2. TEZWIC congress pass is affordable to any veterinarian and vet student
  3. We provide great quality with lower costs in pushing forward your veterinary education. Our lectures and workshops are held by amazing veterinarians with backgrounds in Exotics, ZOO and Wildlife medicine.
  4. Once you have joined TEZWIC, you become a Junior vet member. The Junior vet membership is valid 1 year and will get you future discounts to all of our international/national events and access to Junior vet magazine.
  5. Hands-on experience is important and this is why our workshops are also available for any final year vet students
  6. Depending on the field of medicine you are interested in, you can opt for 1 Workshop or a package of 3 Workshops.
  7. Every TEZWIC day is combined with a social event, so you can make new friends from all over the world.
  8. For the 2nd time, our TEZWIC pass includes free access to Turda Salt Mine, one of the oldest salt mines in the world.
  9. Being in the heart of vibrant Transylvania you will enjoy the picturesque landscapes, amazing traditional food and music, surrounded by very friendly people.
  10. The 2nd Edition of TEZWIC –Transylvania Exotics, ZOO and Wildlife International Congress gathers 2 days of workshops (6 btw), 3 days of lectures (54 per total) and 5 days of social events (every TEZWIC day)! All of the photos taken during TEZWIC will be posted online, so you can save your memories and share it with your friends.

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