TEZWIC –Transylvania Exotics, Zoo and Wildlife International Congress

June, 13-17 2018, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Grand Hotel Napoca, Str.Octavia Goga nr.1



Preliminary program

(The congress program will be posted soon)



(Dr.Lionel Schilliger)

  • Reptile interactive Quiz-MCQ and clinical cases
  • Reptile cardiology (MC)
  • Reptile Ultrasound

(Dr.Frederic Gandar)

  • Chelonian Herpesviruses

(Dr.Shane Simpson)

  • Reptile vetting in Australia
  • Common conditions in Bearded Dragons
  • Reptile Euthanasia
  • Skin surgery in reptiles
  • Investigating lumps in snakes

(Dr.Paolo Selleri)

  • The use of CT in exotic animal medicine
  • Reptile reproductive tract surgery

(Dr.Norin Chai)

  • Reptile Ophthalmology


(Dr.Minh Huynh)

  • Surgery: Is it surgical or not?
  • Anesthesia: don’t be scared!
  • Euthanasia: when and how?

(Dr.Morena Wernick)

  • Avian Ophthalmology
  • Avian Neuroanatomy and Neurologic examination
  • Diseases in Strigiformes -a short overview

(Dr.Norin Chai)

  • Endoscopy in Birds

(Dr.David Scott, Carolina Raptor Center, Charlotte, NC/USA)

  • A retrospective look at outcomes of raptors with spinal trauma
  • A retrospective look at outcomes of raptors with ocular trauma
  • Neurologic disease in raptors – Pesticide toxicosis: a cause that is talked about but rarely diagnosed
  • Interesting Raptor cases (MC)

(Dr. H.Craveiro, Dr. H. Vilhena and Dr. M.C. Pinto, Baixo Vouga Veterinary Hospital, Portugal)

  • Avian Bornavirus RNA detection to identify asymptomatic carriers: Invasive versus Non-invasive samples

(Dr.Mikel Sabater González)

  • Medical conditions of psittacine neonates


(Dr.Isabelle Desprez)

  • Respiratory diseases in pet Rats
  • Upper respiratory tract diseases in Rabbits
  • Helicobacteriosis in Ferrets
  • Thyroid disorders in small mammals

(Dr.Vladimir Jeckl)

  • Endoscopy in exotic pet mammals
  • Advanced surgery in Rabbits
  • Incisor extractions in Rabbits
  • Dental disease in Chinchillas
  • Flank and midline ovariectomy/ovariohysterectomy in Guinea pigs

(Dr.Paula Dziubińska-Bartylak, Dr.Natalia Strokowska, “Sowa Egzotica” Veterinary Practice, Solec Kujawski, Poland)

  • Foreign body as the cause of acute gastric dilatation in a pet rabbit

(Dr.Daniele Petrini, Dr.D.Binanti, Dr.G.Deli, Clinica Veterinaria Cascina, Italy)

  • An uncommon case of a splenic mass in a ferret (Mustela putorius furo)
  • Common and Uncommon conditions of GI-stasis in pet rabbit: When is not a dentistry problem

(Măcinic M., Dr. R. Boncea, Dr. V. Lupu, Dr. A. Ivan, Dr. A. Trică, Falcon Vet, Bucharest, Romania)

  • Intramedullary pinning as treatment of choice for multiple metatarsal fractures in a Chinchilla (Chinchilla laniger)

(Dr.Marty Chu, Jurrasic Exotic Animal Hospital, Taiwan)

  • Blood transfusion in Exotic Pet Practice (Rabbits, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Chelonians and Lizards)

(Dr.G.Deli, Dr.D.Petrini, Dr.E.Lubian, Dr.F.Deli, Centro Veterinario Gregorio VII, Rome, Italy)

  • Considerations on the influence of the osteo-skeletal morphological variations in Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)


(Dr.Norin Chai)

  • Amphibian Ophthalmology

(Dr.Endre Sos)

  • Asiatic wild equids: anaesthesia, long distance transportation and other veterinarian issues
  • Bird rescue in Central Eastern Europe: species, threats and possible solutions
  • Rhinos and Elephants –preparing for the birth and actions if things go wrong

(Dr. Viktória Koroknai)

  • Rescue and field programs of rare Hungarian small mammal species

(Dr.Mark Eichelmann)

  • Of pugs and arthropods: Heritage of the arthropod immune system in vertebrates

(Dr.Ovidiu Roşu)

  • Vademecum of medical fuckups
  • Lost in translation –an East European vetting around the world


(Dr.Melanie Oesterwind)

  • First experiences from a newly opened sea turtle rescue center
  • Selected Clinical Cases in a Sandbar Shark (C.plumbeus) Aquarium Population


  • The challenge of live stranded dolphins
  • Marine mammal neonatology in and ex situ
  • Challenges in Fish medicine

(Dr.Ama Groza)

  • An axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) with cutaneous pathology: Pre and Post mortem unanticipated laboratory findings




TEZWIC 2018 WK Program