TEZWIC –Transylvania Exotics, Zoo and Wildlife International Congress

June, 13-17 2018, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Life Sciences Institute

Calea Mănăştur nr.3-5


Dear TEZWIC participants,

The program of workshops and congress is posted below. As you can see, registration is very early so please be so kind and do not be late. Once arrived at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, please follow the signs posted in the campus.

The meeting point for the departure to Turda Salt mine is at 3.30pm at the horse paddock. Please do not be late. The list with those who have registered for this trip is taken into consideration.

The Pizza and Beer evening will be right after the return from the salt mine (max. 8pm) accross the street, at the Ursus Brewery.



TEZWIC 2018 


With a little zoom, you can check out below the TEZWIC 2018 program. Our complete TEZWIC brochure will be available for download in a few days, from our website or Junior vet group. In case you have not registered yet for TEZWIC (congress, workshops, social events) please do that asap, to avoid future misunderstandings.



17.06.2018TEZWIC 2018


TEZWIC 2018 WK Program

*Info for Romanian veterinarians:

Evenimentul TEZWIC este: ,,creditat cu 30 puncte/participant/zi conform criteriilor Programului de Dezvoltare Profesională Continuă” pentru workshopuri si ,,creditat cu 60 puncte/zi de congres cu susţinere de lucrări conform criteriilor Programului de Dezvoltare Profesională Continuă” sau ,,creditat cu 30 puncte/ in scop de documentare sau organizatoror/zi de congres conform criteriilor Programului de Dezvoltare Profesianală Continuă”.