TEZWIC Testimonials

junior vet poster 2018

Wondering about our Junior vet community and thinking about coming to TEZWIC? Here are some personal insights about the 1st Edition. 

“As a young vet and a relative newcomer to exotic practice I found my experience at TEZWIC invaluable to the increasing exotic caseload I am seeing today. It’s difficult for young vets and students to afford to attend congresses, and practical workshops are often prohibitively expensive. TEZWIC manages to fill that much-needed niche. The talks and practical workshops I attended at TEZWIC 2017 were very good and I learnt a great deal from the knowledgeable specialists who took them. I also made contacts with like-minded students, vets and specialists alike which have led to wonderful friendships as well as the opportunity to undertake a post-graduate externship with one of the specialists I met at TEZWIC. This a great congress to attend for younger veterinarians and students especially who are interested in exotic practice.” Dr. Kirstin Dinham BVSC, Johannesburg, South Africa.

“A conference with great speakers and veterinarians attending from all over the world. The whole conference was fantastic, not to mention the out of this world social events. Fabulous! I would definitely recommend TEZWIC to everyone!” Dr. Anna Linda Nogradi, Budapest, Hungary.

“TEZWIC is a great experience where everyone gets the opportunity to meet and share things with others about a common passion: Exotics.” Dr. Paul Raymond, Paris, France.

“TEZWIC is a really great and accessible conference for all of those veterinarians and vet students, who want to improve their knowledge and skills in this field. TEZWIC is not just about learning and sharing informations, it is also about fun as I really enjoyed the atmosphere there. I am looking forward to TEZWIC 2018!” Dr. Major Péter, Slovakia.

“When Gratzia first came to me to talk about her project to create an exotic congress in Romania, I thought of course it was a great idea. There is nothing really set up for exotics in eastern Europe. Then came the first TEZWIC -Transylvania Exotics, Zoo and Wildlife International Congress. It was a great and friendly congress. Gratzia has fulfilled this goal to give opportunity to give for students and young vets – but not only, a congress on exotic of their own. With the second edition of TEZWIC, Gratzia has reached another level with an impressive list of well-known speakers. It is without no doubt an event that no one should miss!” Dr. Norin Chai, France.

“The combination of high quality workshops and lectures in a relaxed atmosphere, in the center of Transylvania, meeting with old friends and making some new ones, some very interesting social events – this has to be on the bucket list of every student and vet interested in exotic and wild animals medicine.” Dr. Ciprian Petrescu, Romania.