TEZWIC –Transylvania Exotics, Zoo and Wildlife International Congress

June, 13-17 2018, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


If you are a veterinarian or a 6th year vet student, you can push-up your medical skills to a new level.


Workshops at TEZWIC :


-Orthopedics in birds-

(Workshop held by Dr.Minh Huynh, Dipl.ECZM (Avian), DACZM, France)

Theoretical part (1h):
-Theory, bandage and orthopedic surgery)
Practical part (2.30h):
-Practice on dead wildlife birds for bandaging, surgical approaches and tie-in fixation for humeral and tibiotarsal fracture with appropriate surgical equipment.



-First aid-

(Workshop held by Dr.Morena Wernick, Dipl.ECZM (Avian), Switzerland)

Wildlife emergencies (Generalities).
Wild birds are common patients in the exotic animal practice. This wet lab will help you to deal with the most common emergency situations in wild bird patients.

Theoretical part (approx.. 1.5 hours)
– clinical examination of the emergency patient
– common emergency situations in wild birds (eg. shock, trauma, intoxication…)
– procedures to stabilize your patient

Practical part (approx. 2 hours)
– injections (SC, IM, IV)
– intraosseous catheter placement
– intubation
– air sac cannula placement
– bandaging techniques


-Remote Chemical Immobilisation-

(Workshop held by Dr.Ovidiu Roşu, Vier Pfoten, Romania)

Theoretical part (1h)

  • Intro in safe capture and remote chemical immobilization (tranquilisation) logistics, common wild/ferral animal anesthesia protocols, field intervention planning.

Practical part (2.30h)

  • Practice 1 – Safe tranquilisation dart handling and preparing
  • Practice 2 – Target blowpipe and dart gun training




(Workshop held by Dr.Isabelle Desprez -Res.ECZM (Small mammals), France)

Theoretical part (1h):

  • Introduction to dental anatomy, physiology and pathology in rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Imaging techniques of dental disorders.

Practical part (2.30h):

  • Dental examination in chinchillas, rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Dental trimming: positioning and technique
  • Dental extractions



-Reptile Necropsy-

(Workshop held by Dr.Shane Simpson, Karingal Veterinary Hospital, Australia)

Theoretical part (1h):

  • Equipment
  • Personal safety
  • Basic anatomy of lizards, turtles and snakes
  • Necropsy techniques
  • Available resources
  • Questions and answers

Practical part (2.30h):

  • Practice necropsies techniques on snakes, lizards and tortoises. Each participant will be able to participate and will be provided with a useful Necropsy Form to take away and use for future use.


-Reptile Ultrasound-

(Workshop held by Dr.Lionel Schilliger -Dipl.ECZM (Herpetology) and  Dr.Frédéric Gandar -Res. ECZM (Herpetology), France)

Theoretical part (1h):
  • General Ultrasound in reptiles (Positioning, Artifacts, Material, Coelomic organs including reproductive tract)
  • 2D-Echocardiographic examination in reptiles
Practical part (2.30h):
  • Practice on live snakes, lizards and tortoises)


How to choose your Workshops :

-Package of 3 workshops (you can choose whatever workshops you would like to attend, from any category)

-1 Workshop (whatever workshop you would like to attend, from any category)

*Workshops are addressed to veterinarians and 6th year veterinary students with knowledge and interest in exotics, zoo and wildlife.


For participation you will need the following information:

a.) contact info

(0040) 0729 374 395

Please contact us after payment for further information. 

b.) fiscal info


CUI 35581704


Banca Transilvania

RO07 BTRL RONCRT 0336425601 (LEI)

RO54 BTRL EURCRT 0336425601 (EUR)


Please specify some details on your payment, like “package of 3 workshops”/”1 workshop”/etc.

If you are paying in LEI, please check first the BNR reference monetary course.




TEZWIC 2018 WK Program